MTI Reflection on Previous Studies


The summer of 2016, before coming to LSBU, I revised the core computing concepts that I am interested in. I did a lot of reading and exercises to stay active with my obtaining of IT knowledge. Aside from paid neighbourhood tech support and media creation, I maintained my websites and practiced programming in Python + Java.

Though I wish to improve my skills in all areas of IT, the complete exercising of coding concepts are my most fearsome and desired objective.

Last year, I was trying to use my Network Engineering HND to get into employment but, with bad interview technique, I ended up at a bar. I went to an inadequate institution, that was illegitimate enough to be publicly investigated for fraud and got mostly passes after two rollercoaster years.

I decided to come back to study and continue my journey of education – as it is enjoyable and interesting. Refusing to give up or let myself down after the numerous bad experiences and medical issues, I found many tasks stressfully difficult but tried hard to overcome obstacles – and did.

With my history, I discovered that challenges become easy after completion so: no intellectual or logistical task able to be deemed possible be too fearsome to tackle. IT involves learning concepts and syntax, memorising processes and developing insight to work well within provided frameworks. I must continue to prove my ability to do those things.


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