MTI Week2 Notes


Name: CODEKID (Keshan, Rich, Sean)

Age range 8 – 11

Available on GPlay AppsStore

Teaching kids to code using python

1.      What problem are you trying to solve?

An app is needed to help kids from 8 – 11 pick up an interest in code with low attention spans.

2.      What is your solution (idea)?

An app that serves easy to understand and fun tutorials on coding. Teachers will be the main influencers, referring children to the app.

3.      What research have you undertaken? Is there a market for your idea?

We have looked at the market leaders and discovered that there is demand. There are common practices and a few improvements that are quite clear.

4.      Who are your competitors? How will you compete with them?

Barclays has a teaching app, our main angle of competition will be in high interactivity and fun. PAL and Udemy have similarly focused apps. Some focus on teaching with videos, while others use text and interactive activities.

5.      Have you tested your idea out? Have you asked prospective customers whether they would buy your idea?

Around half of the people we have queried said that they would be happy to give the app a try and it sounds like a valuable purchase.

6. What do you need to do next to take your idea forward? Set yourself some SMART goals.

Deep market researching. Organise a programming team and define roles under SWOT analysis, decide upon tools.



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