MTI Week3 STEM IPO Experience

(from doc)

The International Property Office (IPO) assists with comprehension on IPR in 4 areas for different business sectors; Creative, Humanities, Science-Technology-Engineering-Math and Business-Law-Accounting. Located at <>, the related area here is STEM and the IPO provides a training service for comprehension of the broad IP concepts involved in the focus area of computer science, technology and electronics.

(from doc)

Among other things, I discovered that, in effect of the systems dynamics, copyrights can be created automatically.

I learned that intra-organisational discussions on IP should take place before or during initiation of a project, not after, as to prevent later disputes about rights and ownership.

Discovered that most universities and other research organisations dictate IPR ownership in enrolment / contractual agreements.

Found that ‘Angel Investors’ and Venture Capitalists are the similar but the latter is an organisation typically with more stipulations.

Shauna Richardson’s Q&A was enlightening, showing the achievable accessibility and liberal scope of IP.

Albeit yet to find information on copyright costs, I have done a write up of slightly more than 1000 words on the topic of IPR, which may be put up here during or after submission day for privacy security – for now, a table of information gained from the IPO STEM study is below.

(from doc)

IPR list categories.jpg

(from doc)

Overall the topics learned about on the IPO STEM study were:


My certificate of completion can be found at <GDRIVELINK>



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