About that guy…

It is normal for a person to take notice of a peer who is doing great things and seems to be on an optimal path. It’s uncommon for one to talk about their acknowledgement of ‘the leader’. Procrastination excluded, the presence of such a character, who is so visibly / audibly secure in his position and pathway, is nothing but an inspiration.

The guy has made an app and is being active with it. I have only dabbled in app creation, never making anything more complex than Py GUI executables. I intend to go further.

His presence is an opportunity to exercise some user-customised osmosis, without befriending him and siphoning off his lifestyle-afforded experience, that will propel me to do better and better things.

While others may be tempted to feel ‘incapable’ or ‘disheartened’ from their comparitively -lacking positioning, relative to his ‘lead’, I must further acknowledge that, although he will go to higher places before myself and others, all he has done and will do are what I can do too.


UPDATE: Initially intended as a candid positive affirmation, I’m happy that this post was able to bring some joy…


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