ITIM week 4 thoughts

Starting the coursework, we are to each design a network that can support 100 shops. A pretty hard task after minimally-focused training, I expect that the teacher helps people to meet this challenge.

This week, I will try to get this work done and out of the way. I doubt I will though, with so much other work to do. Being here at LSBU shows me how terrible my last institution was – adding to the shocking experience and publicised fraud of *place*. I passed a Network Engineering HND, with over 70,000 words of coursework and still feel like I know nothing.

I reiterated knowledge on centralised and distributed systems, read about OSPF and RIP, did a first draft design of the Westfield network and got some other work done. Finding it really hard to focus and be positive in this class of distracting friends. I feel like everything I must do, I must teach myself – and there is too much. I have no support as people look to me for help. There is one guy, but he is a bad explainer.

I drew up a pretty hopeful topology map for the network and showed it to the teacher. I didn’t understand what he was saying in response as he was talking to me, not with me – with seemingly pre-prepared responses irrespective of the question. All of my questions were ignored and so were my answers. It seemed like he was telling me to create a single homed network with no redundancy, which can’t be the case. Single-homed makes sense but redundancy is something that, though not a mandate, should garner extra kudos.

I’ll stay hopeful and keep working.


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