MTI Week 4 Thoughts

A little bit lost with the workload; I am not used to relaxing with 100 open taskbar and browser tabs.

I was told that I was supposed to have chosen a group last week for MTI, but I have had so many groups over past month that the only group that is clear in my muddled head is the one a great teacher set for SDT on Mondays. So, I find another and it seems good. The PM Sunny delegates me tasks and I disappear to the library. The talk in the room is too distracting right now… I return twice to ask questions.

Activity 4: Start work on coursework

1.      For this activity, you need to form teams of 4 from the same tutor group and complete the coursework contract page by the end your class. This is a mandatory task.

M+S TEAM – ME, TAREK, SUNNY + QADEER and KIRAN (both unmet as yet)

Trying to get ahead, I did work for MTI last week, about 2000 words, but the case study that I chose was from the ‘case study’ VLE folder and was called ‘Freeplay Radio’. The case study for this group is Marks+Spencer… Maybe I’m in the wrong class, there are 2 rooms listed on my timetable…

Wishing for luck…



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