MTI Week 5 Court Case Group Project Thoughts

I, now, will never forget the phrase ‘Not Barred From Finding’.   UPDATED

As of the time of completing the text-work involved in this group project, it seems that the team is on-track; correspondence is happening and indications of progress are frequent.

Me being so worryingly lost at the start of this process, Thursday, made me really try to get over this hurdle. I now am pretty confident that next Thursday’s presentation is sufficiently prepared for and hope that all goes well.

My IP Canvas for this case is below, in image form.


About the process of getting the work done, the report and the presentation. It was quite fun, the team seemed to be functional and roles were well defined. PM Sunny did make a few frustrating actions, with his sudden deleting and rearranging of certain things, but the overall process was quite pleasingly functional.

Me and him did about 50/50 work on this 5-member team project. Doing this certainly serves to build my confidence. Thanks to MTI, I feel that, regarding presentations and group work, I am steadily improving over my previous state of panicky confusion and disarray.

The team’s presentation slides on GSLIDES:

The team’s report on GDOCS:


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