MTI Week 6 (Presentation1) Thoughts



This week there was a pitch from Three about a ‘reimagined learning’ internship scheme. It sounded a bit too demanding for me in my current pressured state – and the event dates clashed with my module dates. Certainly something  that I would be interested in if scheduling allowed. – applications 1st Nov.

The presentation was next. It went okay… I had too much written down and the 4 minutes I had felt like 2.5. I really did appreciate the week of preparation though, it was a good learning process and built my confidence.

Me having a script to work from acted as a hindrance and a blessing. With the short timeframe, my script-less self would have not got out so many points. However, the scripting detrimentally limited me to low adaptability against the presentation’s constraints.

Safia couldn’t be nicer, her supervision is reassuring.

Next week I have another go at this – and the focus is to be concise, mainly addressing the shortcomings I had this week. I am becoming much happier in this process.

UPDATE: Regarding submissions, I think I subbed the work for the first Court Case presentation late. As it was group work, I thought that my teammate’s on-time submission may have been enough for all respective team members – but, that was likely a mistake. I decided to try to cover my own back by ensuring that the submission requests on my account are all filled and filed, even if late.


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