SDT Week 7 Thoughts

So we had the presentation.

On our request, a team member created a GSLIDES cloud space for us to collaborate on the PPT. but that didn’t work out. I was waiting to see if anyone would make any changes to it, whilst I prepared a 6 or 7 page slide set as contingency. Maybe I should have created it live on the GSLIDES to provoke the others.

In the end, we ended up joining our work together at the last minute to fair success. Only one of the four others made an additional contribution but we all spoke pretty well on the show. To me, our work felt half-baked and underdeveloped but the competition wasn’t too far ahead and we were up to par. The time constraints and avalanche-like workload left a bruise or two.


I currently don’t really know what the deliverables are in this project. I understand there’s a module guide but I’m still unclear. So, instead of being able to see the whole journey in advance, I just take each task as it comes.

It seems a but unrealistic to ask us to model and develop an entire college infrastructure and site as students given around 10 <20hr weeks, with other tasks too, so we are moving forward with only a front-end-only proposal as due. I hope I’ll be okay.

From brash reconnaissance, it seems that most others have similar aims.



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