MTI Week 8 Thoughts

‘The guy’ did a presentation, interesting if a little opinionated. One thing that I learned was that you can use tools to optimally compose teams from psychometric evaluations.

Told us about Saberr, a personality comparison service to compose teams.

We then presented our ideas to Safia about our Business Case cwk. It went okay, I think we have a strong idea and a good team that recognises its weak link.

Absences of team-mates are an irritant but provoke harder work.

I put together a few slides to present my(our) AdGive ‘idea’.

The working file / report is here: GDRIVE. Invalid but counted plagiarism is something I must avoid and attaching files seems safer than putting entire texts (work) up online.


I am having some concerns about recorded attendance and submissions that I should be able to resolve.


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