MTI Week9 Thoughts

This week is an avalanche, so much to get done – for all three modules.

From asking around, it seems that I’m worse off than others. This is mainly because of my SDT+MTI team-mates leaving me as the strongest link; the main support for the weight of work.

I must finalise many things in the next two weeks. I’m expecting to do 12000 words in documents, a few more diagrams, two or three presentations and a day or so of intense network configuration – among other things. This gruelling workload is appreciated but stressful and results in me being highly occupied.

The business case work is going well, the model canvas is on V1.2, I have around 1500 words to apply to the reports and communication is happening. I must try to arrange Skype or Hangouts meetings.


I have 5 sections to work on, while other members have 1, 2 and 3.

It’s fun going at this work like a madman…


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