IIM About Riverbed Modeler

We were able to use both Riverbed Modeller (OpNet/ RM) and CPT, modelling simulation software used to create networks. Instead of hardware prototyping, which demands more time and funds, modelling software benefits design and maintenance as it provides a close mirror of a physical network to be modified with without risk.

Riverbed has a less intuitive interface, with exhaustive unclearly-detailed lists and without comprehensive graphical representations of devices, but offers more customisation of the workspace and a more inclusive object palette. Both software has bugs but, in usage, CPT encounters them less often.

The academic version of RM is limited by:

·        Removed support for additional modules

·        Limited max nodes: 80 singular nodes, 20 Mobile nodes, 20 Core nodes, and 50 Million simulation events.

·        No node or process editors

·        File tainting

·        Different licensing processing, without ‘floating license server’ support

·        Simulation run limits

CPT allows placement and configuration of simplified infrastructure services and various Cisco network devices. Events can then be simulated, returning information about communications between objects, primarily to observe functionality of various configurations. RM is highly convoluted, using listing directories instead of CPT’s syntax+ GUI, but allows for more control in some contexts.

RM runs simulations using configured instances of abstract network architecture elements. I hated it. Each tutorial was completed but every simulation was aborted. I understand it is used for large networks with high traffic but CPT is better.


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