About This Site + Customisations

Wanting to personalise the page template, I had to implement a few changes..Customisation of the site was mostly free of difficulty as the design was intended to be simplistic, configuration requirements for the site were slim and the WordPress interface is one that I’m pretty familiar with.

Creating pages that automatically showed posts with similar tags was initially somewhat of a trial and error process.

I would like to change link colours to resolve issues in which tutors do not find work (not awarding marks as a result) but Wordpress requires payment for that functionality in this case. It surely would have been beneficial to have had to brush up on my HTML+CSS skills for this portfolio. I considered Wix and 000web but feared inactivity purging.

Note: you must have either WordPress.com Premium or WordPress.com Business active on your site to be able to add custom CSS to your site” en.support.wordpress.com

Other hosting services are without the aforementioned restriction but are without WordPress’ streamlined usage that allows for more content creation. An alternative method is to allow entire posts to be displayed in the navigation pages, omitting ‘read more’ tags and ruining the sites appearance.

My imagery, such as the cracked egg, was chosen to provide a jovial tone to the serious text in the posts. Simplicity was a focus for ease-of-use and a lack of distractions on the pages.

Some considerable challenge was found in maintaining posting regularity. I had nothing to report on some weeks, due to extended work / continued tasks from previous weeks. Yet, I tried to post something for each week and hope all of the dates are accurate enough.

My intention is to ensure that what is here is readable and that the site functions as desired – serving findable study work. I hope that what is here on this site is sufficient and that this portfolio is at a state of completion for this visit’s requirements.


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