SDT End Thoughts

UPDATE: Somehow, even though the workload for individual team-members was in no way evenly spread and meeting punctuality was spotty, the provisional marks are the same for all team members – which is not really fair. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have them and we did well.

With all of the project deliverables to be compiled in a ‘Final Report’, the team had to collaborate on all work. Delegations were enforced by PM and APM. Everyone came together on the final day, after being absent from the cloud or VLE collaboration spaces.

Mo helped and tried, but it ended up being me that did the practical entirety of the report work. Aika brilliantly managed the demo-site creation , albeit with a rigid position, and we used her initial research images.

About half of the report’s 80+ pages were images, of which around half were mine – all modelling was mine, despite agreeing to teamwork. The wireframes were Aika’s. I wrote about 80% of the report’s text – I honestly believe that I had a stroke (not a joke) and will be trying for an MRI when time allows. The stroke understandably raises my disdain for this experience.

Communication was a joke, with me attempting correspondence and generally failing to be responded to. Without much responses, I continued to send correspondence.

While I made sure to implement the team’s suggestions in the modelling, the demo site was not open for discussion. Me + Mo created some site media on request, he took photos and I made a tour video, and none was used. I have no idea what Athira did, she had responsibilities and tasks but no work was returned. I tried to make the teams Task Gannt look fair…

I struggled with making a correct ‘logbook’ for SDT (and IIM) as, each week, it was hard to do the tutorials in time. For one of the first ones, I did about 4000 words. I couldn’t, in any universe, do that twice every week. I did maintain this portfolio though.

Ultimately, I learned a lot and tore some brain muscles, which I hope to have rebuild themselves swiftly. I wonder if being a ‘slave-driver’ would work out next time… I might need to try it…


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