SDT My Emails

Below is the majority of my correspondence for the SDT group project.

Hey guys, haven’t seen any changes to the “Research Week 3” doc on GDRIVE. I hope we can put some work together at our next meeting, we did agree at the last one to each prepare something for us to smash together. Also, can we organise another scheduled time for team correspondence? Say maybe, Thurs evening over some sort of IM service. Get back to me here or in class, looking forward to getting this done. Best wishes to all.

Link to doc:

Hey Mohamed, can you please send me that week3 research? It’s gotta get out of the way, anything you have, send me it please.

Best wishes, thanks in advance, speak soon

Hey there Athira, Bon here.

I hope you’re well. Here are the links for the info from the meetings

week4 minutes –

week4 elements –

I hope to see you at the extra team meeting on Thursday, location and time TBD. Please make such a suggestion on the LSBU SDT module team area. If we can all post our agreement of a time and place on there, its a go.

For next week, to be further discussed on Thursday, prepare a write-up of the main required aspects of the site, some info on your desired stylings of them and justification for those preferences. At the next step we can put the work together to make an agreeable set of requirements and objects / site elements to model.

Best wishes, speak soon

Here you are, my internet was congested so took a while to upload. Treat the vid as a work in progress placeholder, I intend to clean up the blur on it (probably by slowing it down) and add some footage of other schools – just to negate a negative of it only currently showing IT, Lecture, exterior and recreational areas. I wanna have some with some James Bon action tomorrow, ill smell some cakes, squeak on a dancefloor and not touch a microscope. 😉 Best of luck guys, speak soon …  Let me know if any issues

I organised the GDRIVE a bit, put things in folders. Pleasae have a look and tell me if you can’t enter into the folders. I would also like to confirm if I have it correct that muridim2 is Mo’s email.

Best wishes guys, speak soon

Athira: “tomorrow go to lecture and punch your card and stay outside the lecture room we wll go to computer lab and finish the presentation”

Bon: hey, i have some use case models, no activity ones just yet, help would be appreciated. regarding the presentation, im a bit confused about the dates, the guide said wk ‘6-7’ our project guide says week 7 (7/11) so we may have another week to prepare. check the pic. spk soon

Oh, so nice. Just so we all know, there’s a GSLIDES ppt opened for us in the GDRIVE folder. thanks Mo. Just in case, the link is

Aika, the snow video on-site is sweet and suits the season, would it be cool to leave it up for show, maybe putting the uni environment video up on another page instead?

There is some of my work up on the GDRIVE, more coming later. I hope it helps, please add your work so that we can compile easily on Monday. I forwarded this message to Athira and Aika. Best wishes, hope you’re well.

Ladies and gents, if there anyones feeling artsy, please build up the PPT…





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