IIM Final Thoughts


There were many trials in the project but I made it…

Decision making, in terms of architectural implementations, was contentious. I would think of one way to do something but then think of another. In this case, weighing up was generally done to favour which option was lighter.

I made a few mistakes with my documentation. Seeing as I had a stroke, rushing to get the weekly reflections out at the last minute meant that I accidentally copied over some inapplicable paragraphs of text to print out for the Logbook.

The aspect of this course of study that provided the most difficulty was Riverbed Modeler. RM has a steep learning curve, factually requiring users have considerable knowledge before use, that makes reaching usability an unnecessarily strenuous process. However, a benefit is that more complex architectures can be simulated with RM over CPT.

The equations, like Shannon, were quite challenging but I got my head around most of them. I’m much more interested in mathematics now.

I had some experience with routing protocols so had to revise them only a little. The frame formats were something that I had previously been apprehensive to do, but I enjoyed learning more about them.

I found that I was working too much on the network, configurations weren’t needed as all but one of my classmates had them too. My network had many configurations and was entirely functional regarding the segmentation requirements. .

I found in the final presentation that the teacher was too busy looking at my log book to see the slides and hear my detailed speech. My slides were very pretty and had at least 6 network iterations. I went over-time and still had to skip over addressing information.

Transmission mediums and devices are things that I had previous knowledge about. I learned a bit more about radio spectrums, which I appreciated.

Overall, this was a good experience and I got better, fighting through difficulties and helping colleagues with their networks. I still have more to learn but I have learned lots. I felt disadvantaged having one week less to work than many of my fellow students, due to my name being alphabetically high on the register. Nevertheless, I used that sooner deadline as impetus for work.

The teacher was helpful and highly knowledgeable. From seeing the first set of presentations, my report is due to be one of the best. I apologised for my objection to the teacher’s marking, it may have appeared obnoxious but I felt justified after seeing what he was doing.

It appeared to me that he was marking-up certain work and marking other work down to try and get a flatter profile of marks. I had shown the most iterations of networks of the day and my mark for that aspect was lower than the one on the marking paper beside – I was given cause for concern about the integrity of my marking. In hindsight, I understand his marking down for ‘number of iterations’ – I didn’t use Riverbed.

Another colleague had 15 minutes un-objected, while everyone else was limited to 5. I got told off at 8. He told me that it was 5 mins 43 seconds but he was hustling. The teacher told him that he could bring his logbook in January, unlike everyone. He told the student to leave his logbook outside of his door after Christmas, while saying that there was no late delivery to everyone else.

Not a concession of my belief in some wrongdoing, my apology was a due show of respect – and also bravado.

Great experience, though I now need some recovery time…


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