MTI Week 11 Thoughts

So, my SDT is completed (I just have to do a presentation on Monday) and my IIM is thankfully on sleep mode with a submission date in the second week of January. I hope that I have that right…

I did intend to put more SDT work up here today but I have to prioritise and refocus. The work should be up here by Friday 16th of December.

Next week for MTI is a group presentation. I must get the slides and report done by Sunday, as the submission is due before next Thursday. Sunny will make a submission but so will I,  just in case.

My team is okay, but I still have to do most of the work – just as with  SDT. It is a bit irritating to think of others having easier times, but a consolation is that I am helping others and pushing myself to comparatively higher standards.

The business model is at v2 and looks like it is close to or fully completed, a change may be made on it but it seems okay as it is. Research is surprisingly expansive, the ad-serving industry is deceptively simple. I intend to get the Business Case report in for Wednesday 14th of December 2016.


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