MTI Final Thoughts

So, the final day is done and it came with a presentation. My team did well. Surprisingly, all of the members were in attendance. We all played our part and made only a few missteps. To focus on myself here, I didn’t speak as well as I would have liked – despite my stammer – and I left a few things out of my script. Which I didn’t really use.

I realise now that I use my poor speech as a limiter, something that stops me from aiming to say too much – often, what I plan to say is not enough and the thought of my slower delivery all too frequently prevents me from attempts.

I missed a few numbers (which I unpleasantly admitted to), a word about the applicable IPR (which the lovely Safia questioned us on), more about the dynamics of the system and the partners. I hope that I made it clear that the partners were the ad-exchanges and service providers, but I doubt that I did.

Additionally, I made a few mistakes on the Report, not entirely my fault as it was teamwork and others could have identified the error. I had repeating bullet point entries on the business model canvas, we moved it from version 2 to v2.2 after submission time for the presentation slide it was on – the only changes were removing the repeating list entries.

Also, I expect that some of our headings were grammatically inaccurate. I looked at those documents, especially our report, so much that the mistakes melted into my subconscious, and I couldn’t see them anymore. Thanks to Tarek for pointing a big one out at the last minute.

Our preparation and light rehearsal helped but we would have benefited from more. Despite having a report to read and being a part of its creation, Tarek was struggling with comprehending the idea and provided the weakest link aside from the mostly inactive Henry, who had audio speech files to represent him. I think he just has too much on his plate, he doesn’t seem unconcerned.

One thing that sure did twinge my turnips was the other team’s presenting of cost structures. I did a department-based view for a year’s estimated running costs, while the others did costs for tasks without period or forecasts. Albeit much more expensive, I hope that our approach was not inferior in comparison.

Our team had the most exhaustive presentation of the day (of 6, I think) as it was the most technical and spent the most time on research. In future work, I will try to force someone else into being PM, so that I can see a fairer + more equal amount of work on my end.

I think if I was to work as I have been on a smaller portion of a project, the project would be stronger as others would have to complete the other parts. Me spreading myself all over, leaves the overall work thinner than it may have been otherwise.

I would like to see AdGive become a reality but it would require approximately $1,000,000 of investment and I don’t think it would be an overnight success – so it would be near-insurmountably hard to make happen.

Ultimately, I’m just happy to have this learning experience, still be alive and be around such stimulating individuals.


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