MTI Penultimate Thoughts


I was quite frustrated about having to do most of the work again but, in this case, it was somewhat fair because the business case was my idea. Nobody else had any other ideas and they all seemed eager to go along with my initial idea.

Over the period of the group work, the idea changed form slightly – from having a short-sighted social-network focus to including a wider array of internet activities.

Another irritation was found in team mates creating new shared files on the GDRIVE platform when shared files had already been created, shared and used. e.g. a new PPT file created when another had already been partially composed – the editable file is there so another one doesn’t have to be made. I’m all too often left feeling the opposite of ‘impostors syndrome’…

AdGive seems like a plausible venture, albeit epic. The numbers seem like they aren’t right, because they are so big, but they are born of considerable research and consideration.

I was extremely thankful that the submission dates were stacked – or at least that’s the understanding that I have been working with. SDT came on week 11, MTI on week 12 and IIM in January. If they had all been on the same week, I surely would have been in hospital.

I feel like, for this term, I was the year-2 student with the most work to do of all. Next term, I will try to find a different dynamic…


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