Y2T1 Exam Dates…

Confirming the dates of my SDT+ITIM exams was a bit of an experience to learn from.

I was told the dates by the teachers but I wanted to make sure afterwards. It involved finding a quite obscure link to an exam table for all of the modules. I regret not finding out about this interesting table during my SDT work. It would have been the root of another development focus, building a class around it.

I then looked up the SDT+ITIM module codes to ‘find’ in the table, there was only one entry for each:

25/01/2017 14:30 16:30 BIF_5_IIM IT Infrastructure and Management 30 BR360 P Carden NENG CSI S1-195

19/01/2017 15:00 17:00 BIF_5_SDT Systems Design Techniques 85 K505, K507 G Ubakanma NENG CSI S1-159

No listing for MTI, as expected.

I hope that these dates are correct and that all is well. I received no other specific notification, but to my recollection of what I’ve been told in person these dates seem right.

Here’s hoping for cool running’s…



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