RPP T2 – LASSO Paper Review

A review of the LASSO research document by Don Casey and Phillip Burrell, who is currently my especially pleasant teacher. This text intends to answer the following questions:

Who is the author/s? Why was the document produced? In what context was the document produced? What are its underlying assumptions? How well supported and convincing is its arguments?” (Task specification, 2017) Continue reading “RPP T2 – LASSO Paper Review”

UCD Week 2 Thoughts + Workings

There is a presentation this week. Group work done over GDRIVE was quite successful. We all contributed equally and communicated. I played PM, even though it was sly and unannounced. My actions helped to streamline the process.

The presentation went okay, if as discomfortingly stuttery as usual – made unnoticeably worse by my noticing that Safia left the room for a moment. I’m a little depressed about putting so much effort into unmarked work. It’s not pointless though, as any work is developmental.

I have a small document built up that I hope can be translated into work that is marked.

Some notes: Continue reading “UCD Week 2 Thoughts + Workings”