UCD Week 1: My Comms

At initiation, week 1, I feel somewhat depressed in fear of the difficulty that is due to come.

I must be more eager to get work done in class, as opposed to in my own space. I struggle to focus around the chattering and flow of my competitors – that should change.

This post is to have evidence of my correspondence. In preparation for group-work inadequacies, as present previously.

Hey guys, I write this in the hope that you both will get email notifications. I know Abdul wasn’t often using his Google account, but hopefully that will change with us using GDRIVE to collaborate on.

Please transition the powerpoint file that was made in Friday’s class onto the GDRIVE cloud space for us to collaborate on. This is to prevent a mad dash on Friday.

Right now, I have a summary of UCD aims and a bit about my case. It will all be up here on the powerpoint file by Mon night. We can decide on here which one will be the ‘third’ to expand on in the presentation.

A functional outline for the PPT can be:

  • Intro

  • What is UCD

  • What is good UCD

  • Case 1 (2 Slides)

  • Case 2 (2 Slides)

  • Case 3 (3-4 Slides)   maybe

  • A summary

Please tell what you think and what stage you’re at.” 5pm, Sun Week1 5/2

The first group work went well and communication occurred frequently. Although finding out afterwards that the work was unmarked momentarily made me quite discouraged, sustaining momentum must be done… I certainly wouldn’t have spent so much time on it if I knew it wasn’t graded – and that is a discomforting acknowledgment.




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