UCD Week 3 Thoughts + Workings

I’m a little demotivated from doing numerous unmarked presentations. Often, with stressful rushing, I’m asked to prepare and deliver a presentation in under an hour. It really is depressing being unable to do well, simply due to time constraints.

Nevertheless, I persist to improve myself and get experience – but I can’t help but wonder if the unmarked work (and the effort/time involved) is always worth doing.

Some done last week, I researched usability experiments to develop the slides. Prior to this day, group communication on this week’s work had to be initiated by myself (with no new messages or cloud activity)  but was uneventful. Unfortunately, the multiple communication channels have provided insufficient correspondence. I must find a remedy for this issue.

I have a working file with text that I intend to transition into marked work. The following are slides for my group’s second presentation. To keep my time down for other members to have more of it, I tried to put most of the information onto the slides instead of planning to have it spoken.


A slide from the previous week, N4G is my focus area – for now.





Looking forward…



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