UCD W4 Thoughts

This week we had to create a usability experiment design document. We have a lot more work to be done but, for having faith, I expect my team and I will get through it.

So far, it has been me trying to adapt my team mate’s idea into the coursework framework. I had an idea of my own but decided that others input should be orchestrated in whichever possible ways. Now we must work with the theme of the VLE’s interface.

Again, I’m seeing myself as a lone ranger for most of the action. I intend for that to change in the coming weeks. All team members will be involved in the evaluation day and recruitment of subjects. I should seek advice on team management because it’s painfully apparent that I’m not doing a good job.

Safia’s tutelage is truly enjoyable and motivates me to work. Her, other teachers and ‘the guy’s’ interaction provokes me into a certain sort of action (WP) – over my forte pathway of infrastructure networking. There sure are many distractions to be reluctantly denied.

Experimental studies involves a set of variables, most controlled, with some being open to manipulation. This research methodology generally results in lots of quantitative data and requires precise monitoring of a secure environment.

Hypotheses are to come from the proposal questions and experimentation should be geared to prove or disprove it.

Confounding variables are aspects of the experimentation that catalyse user confusion. Order effect (task flow) – Practice effect (repeated) – Fatigue effect (inverse time / activity correlation).


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