Current Downer – UCD CW1 Reflection

All too often hearing stories of people being awarded high grades with minimal document lengths, it seems that less may be more…

Trying too hard in this course of study seems a real possibility, brought on and made worse by dysfunctional teamwork. I have recently had such experiences and they led to me falling behind in other areas of focus as my teammate-competitors had a burden carried for them by myself. I’m somehow putting myself at a disadvantage by being a harder worker with ‘superior’ initiative.

My UCD evaluation group report was 50 pages, 20+ spent on pictures and tables, with way too many words despite a good flow. A colleague reportedly did her group’s in 6.

With references, planning, execution, analysis, reflections and an introduction.. and pictures?? 6 pages? Regardless of effort, I believe that she will get better marks than me and my team members.

From now on, I’ll try to do less work and see if that helps everything flush smoother. I will see how this week has gone tomorrow, with me splitting the team of four across two tasks; whether or not my singular delegation will be fulfilled.

Even though I typically can’t read the group ‘writings’ in all its ineligibility, it’s proven from previous grading that the tutors can. I should be scared to submit work that I can’t even read and therefore isn’t understandable – but somehow, that’s making sense right now…

I used to try to edit it, but that was more ‘just-for-me’ work to add to everything else. It also made people re-enter their work, despite it already being in there – causing me more hassle. Now, I’ll just leave it. It’s clear that my teammates don’t read what others write, what I’ll do is make sure everything that has to be there is there – without taking out all the other stuff.

I hope to not be marked down for submitting badly formatted work with a mixture of good and bad grammar and punctuation, instead of it being just all bad – which apparently might be better. I can’t delete people’s writing from the group documents, even if it contradicts or reiterates something I put before.

What will likely transpire is a situation where my team mates take out my writing – and I’ll be forced to leave their worse-English writing. When that happens, I’ll be even sadder. I am partially to blame for this current situation but I’m unsure what to do about it. When I try to split work up, it doesn’t get done – when I try to force collaboration, people get take free rides.

One team member spent two days asking about what to do, seemingly on a ‘wind-up’. I lost count of how many times I repeated my instructions but never gave up on giving them to him. 3+ valuable hours, over two days, wasted on that farce… and I ended up doing the work. That’s only a snippet…

Despite my bad presentation skills and overly-honest demeanour acting as a deterrent, I must start making more capable friends. I am sure that being in a better team would alleviate all of these current woes…


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