ISPM CW5 Reflection

So against all odds or assurances, given my current situation, I completed the work – mostly. A few omissions had to persist to fit into the timeframe, yet the work is undoubtedly impressive for one man’s last-minute effort and should at least garner a pass.

This tumultuous experience was appreciable. It feels as though, for every rough ‘crunchtime’ experienced, my ability to comfortably stay working at 90% of capability improves.

100% is overloading, I think most people are comfortable at 40%. Of course, rests are required for all.

Additionally prevalent was the value of starting early. I only had 5 evenings to prepare 4 people’s work that previously had over 2 weeks of intended preparation time. The first and second of those five nights were spent corresponding with tutors.

The work provided a much valued deeper look into PMS concepts and MSP’s representations of them. I aim to make up for the distance I didn’t cover, in preparation for the exams.

I would love a role which involved using this sort of tool every day and feel that I would be a good match for it.

Issues come from me being too demanding and puritanical in academic teamwork, which would turn from problematic to complementary in a hired employment context.

I enjoyed completing this coursework, but it surely could have been better. Next up: My exam revision…


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