ISPM Exam + Module Finish Reflection

Back in action, after seemingly being given a chance to continue on to the end of these studies, the IS Project Management module is now in the past – with an exam that is expectedly passed.

Being on my own for this one was weird, but I soon settled in. My personal invigilator was helpful in his strong efforts to not be a distraction. I was so valuably assisted by him bringing in a calculator, as allowed, to produce some of my workings.

The ISPM module provided me with a detailed understanding of what PM on IT projects involves. Though I was already familiar with the practical side of planning and communications, I found out about many methods that beneficially give standardised values and processes to any PM work.

In the exam, I did struggle to remember all of the details – but remembered enough to answer the required number of questions with full pages and leave comfortably.

Although the concepts are complex, I understand them and can now read ‘fancy’ equations – when alone or relaxed. The key is translation (excuse the pun) // If something makes sense, you are able to make sense of it.

The tutelage was effective, with my tutorial group having the more approachable tutor than everyone had in the lectures. I took videos and watched them back a few times.

I always though that I had the affinity for project management, if not the affinity for followers. I hope that I can see a way forward, into professional usage of a PRINCE2 qualification.


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