My Current State Of Desertion

Suffering sabotage, I am struggling to stay up to date with proceedings. Unable to access classes, I must rely on a VLE (virtual learning environment) that does not meet needs.

Therefore, I am doing work for each week but not every task from each week. This is not comforting and I am unsure of a remedy. This situation appears out of my control. As it was when it started.

Open to administrator design, the VLE page that I am tired of wasting time perusing is insufficient and further denying me access to resources and coursework information – albeit with updates.

To clarify: there is work to be done for a list of tasks but much of the supporting information is unavailable. The issues are resolved in class, with paper and tutorials, but I have no ability to be there.

I reach out to people for help but, right now, I’m in need of more. The apathy I am tempted with is reflected by everyone that interacts with me.┬áNevertheless, I continue to put time into this every day in hope of a pleasing end. What else should I do, other than work away..