Now Waiting For Final Results

It’s the time of reversed anxiety. Anxiety from silent waiting, not anxiety from demanded action.

All my course work and exams seem to be completed or met. So, now I’m just waiting for my results. I anticipate a pass, but am so uncomfortable waiting for my overall marks.

The reason for such insecurity lies in the fact I really didn’t do half as well as I could have. I’m able to look back at my NCM and HIP work and see the things I left out because I didn’t know about them at the time. Continue reading “Now Waiting For Final Results”

Nearly Finishing Up…

While I feared all could be lost due to sabotage, I kept on working.

I wish I would have worked more though, but I worked as much as I could. Everything seems cleared up now, if showing some signs of what occurred.

As of now, if I get told of any issues with my work, I know that I could have done something truly great from what I managed to do under the circumstances.

I’ve learned so much over this course of study. After 8 years of immersion in IT technicalities, I finally feel ready to enter the corporate environment…