Nearly Finishing Up…

While I feared all could be lost due to sabotage, I kept on working.

I wish I would have worked more though, but I worked as much as I could. Everything seems cleared up now, if showing some signs of what occurred.

As of now, if I get told of any issues with my work, I know that I could have done something truly great from what I managed to do under the circumstances.

I’ve learned so much over this course of study. After 8 years of immersion in IT technicalities, I finally feel ready to enter the corporate environment…

My Current State Of Desertion

Suffering sabotage, I am struggling to stay up to date with proceedings. Unable to access classes, I must rely on a VLE (virtual learning environment) that does not meet needs.

Therefore, I am doing work for each week but not every task from each week. This is not comforting and I am unsure of a remedy. This situation appears out of my control. As it was when it started.

Open to administrator design, the VLE page that I am tired of wasting time perusing is insufficient and further denying me access to resources and coursework information – albeit with updates.

To clarify: there is work to be done for a list of tasks but much of the supporting information is unavailable. The issues are resolved in class, with paper and tutorials, but I have no ability to be there.

I reach out to people for help but, right now, I’m in need of more. The apathy I am tempted with is reflected by everyone that interacts with me. Nevertheless, I continue to put time into this every day in hope of a pleasing end. What else should I do, other than work away..

RPP W6 CWpart1 – Reflection / Thoughts

I’m not looking forward to next term… It was really hard to make my RPP coursework easy – and impossible to get usable answers to questions about it. I’m quite confident that I won’t fail but I’m also sure that I will not get graded any higher than a pass.

My main point of confusion was in describing methods for research (let alone designing them). From the materials, I expect the entire work to involve only literature reviews and base analysis of the severely-limited data found in them.

That’s not really ‘methods’… yet, how could I reasonably plan for more?

The requested work described is completely different to the tutor’s LASSO document, which is the example-supported proposal of a data analysis method. The product was already developed. The ‘research aim’ was to argue the benefits of the developed system’s usage.

I cannot do that, with something that does not yet exist.

We have got anything developed to argue for to my knowledge, we aren’t developing anything, only researching a developments viability – seemingly to result in a supported argument for a development. Due to this weird dynamic, I can see no way to make this coursework’s format similar to the one found in that LASSO document.

Nevertheless, in faithful defeat, I submit the work…

UPDATE: My submission got referred, with comments like “What does this mean?”…