Thoughts on UCD’s Main Day

The practical evaluation day made me learn to deal with subjects in a formal and organised manner, relaxing while working swiftly and communicating concisely with  team mates and the subjects.

With a member absent, the form filling suffered. From each set of two simultaneous sessions, one session had to have two roles played by one actor. This resulted in incomplete datasets for subjects.

On way to protect proceedings from such events is to simplify the forms, another is to implement automated systems for data collection.

The subjects worked faster than anticipated. Although it would have been possible to plan for shorter timeframes, the liberal estimations (of 20 – 27 minutes, in this case) allowed for better preparedness and would bring benefits if utilised again.  Recruitment was an issue but managed well with team members’ strong interpersonal skills.

UCD Week 2 Thoughts + Workings

There is a presentation this week. Group work done over GDRIVE was quite successful. We all contributed equally and communicated. I played PM, even though it was sly and unannounced. My actions helped to streamline the process.

The presentation went okay, if as discomfortingly stuttery as usual – made unnoticeably worse by my noticing that Safia left the room for a moment. I’m a little depressed about putting so much effort into unmarked work. It’s not pointless though, as any work is developmental.

I have a small document built up that I hope can be translated into work that is marked.

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